22 May 2014

Workshop Expectations

What to expect at each workshop:

22 May 2014

What to expect at each workshop:


College Facts and Figures

  • Discover little known facts behind college tuition and ways to avoid rising hidden costs.
  • Learn about the alarming trends in college attrition and ways to increase the odds of success.

Student Profile, Scholarships, and Discounts

  • PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP… What really counts in college admissions and financial aid?
  • Learn how to match your student profile to merit aid, private scholarships, and discounts.

Need-Based Aid from Federal, State, and Institutional Sources

  • Review aid qualification formulas and associated awards, types and amounts.
  • Learn how to complete the FAFSA, CSS Profile and other applications to maximize need-based aid eligibility.
  • Discover ways to manage income and assets early on in high school to increase aid potential.

Tax Benefits and Other Government Programs

  • Receive information on integrating credits, deductions, and other tax provisions for college funding.
  • Utilize college savings plans to maximize financial aid and tax benefits.
  • Discover special programs for teachers, veterans, and other professions.

Funding College with Debt

  • Learn how to maximize “good” and avoid “bad” student loans.
  • Be aware of parental borrowing options and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Discover techniques for minimizing lingering consequences of education debt.

Putting it All Together

  • Determine which colleges are a good financial fit.
  • Learn the benefits and detriments of “Net Price calculator” and other college planning tools.
  • Receive tasks and timelines from freshman to senior year to maximize future awards.


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